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 · Mistake. A contract can be found unenforceable because of the mistake of one party (called a "unilateral mistake") or both parties (called a "mutual mistake"). To be made unenforceable, the mistake must have been important and must have significantly affected the contract bargaining or performing process.

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Dem Mayor Who Helped Sebelius Push Obamacare Charged With Fraud House Republicans on Wednesday charged. of fraud and abuse must be addressed if we are going to assure our citizens that their government is pursuing equal justice for all,” Schafer said in the.

In the case of fraud, the injured party generally has a choice of rescinding, suing, or in some cases, both (in some states). UCC permits a party to rescind and then sure for damages when fraud is committed in all states if contract is for the sale of goods.

Whether unilateral mistake will void the contract depends on whether the other party to the contract was aware of the mistake or not. If the other party was so aware, or whether a reasonable person in its position would have been aware, then the contract is generally void; if, however, he had no reasonable way of being aware of the mistake, the contract is enforceable.

Notable Court Cases Concerning Contracts. by exactness of expression, more easily prevent mistakes in meaning, than one with whom he is dealing, doubts arising from ambiguity of language are resolved against the former in favor of the latter.". Where a party contracts to deliver goods, and those goods do not actually exist, he is liable.

A) A contract is only considered valid if it is enforceable by both parties. B) In an unenforceable contract, at least one party has the option to void his or her contractual obligations. C) Void contracts are enforceable in cases involving mutual mistakes. D) Parties may voluntarily perform a contract that is unenforceable.