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There is so much that goes into buying your very first home. So I have asked a handful of experienced buyer’s agents what they wished their first time home buyers knew coming into the home buying process. Here is a quick summary of what 8 buyer’s agent from every part of the country had to share when I asked them what

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Home buyers across the United States leave options on the table every day simply because they are unaware of the choices that they have. century mortgage has the industry experience that only comes from navigating the waters of mortgage loans for years.

6 Mortgage Scams Exposed! (Home Buyers Beware!) I called every. want you to know that we’re all thinking about you and that we wish you the best. ZIMMERMAN: Thank you very much. MERRILL: Thank you so much. CORNISH: That’s Linda Merrill and.

In this part, we’ll look at 5 ways that loan-officer marketing and mortgage brokers can market to FSBO sellers. 5 ways to Market to FSBO: Loan-Officer Marketing Ideas. 1. Reach out – Every FSBO that you can find is a potential lead generator. Try spending a few minutes writing the sellers a hand-written letter to wish them well with the.

What Every loan officers wished Their Home Buyers Knew is provided by Kevin Vitali a Massachusetts REALTOR. If you would like to sell your home or buy a new home give me a call at 978-360-0422 and let’s get the process started.

This means that around 80 percent of the time – and when working with first-time buyers, the number is significantly higher – a realtor will work closely with a loan officer to help a buyer fund their purchase. When a realtor gets support from a loan officer beyond basic funding, a special synergy can happen. This partnership may come with.

Loan Officers. HomeStar has supported homeownership since 1946. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or an existing homeowner looking to refinance, our Loan Officers are Here For You on your homeownership journey. Reach out to a Loan Officer today!

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For every 10 percent in student loan debt a person holds, their chance of home ownership drops. In other words: Banks know you’ll most likely be stuck with your student debt until you pay it off..