Here are three simple tips everyone should know before submitting a new mortgage loan application. This might seem like common sense, but in my many years as a home lending professional, I’ve seen so many applications get declined over some these common, easy-to-avoid mistakes.

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I feel the mortgage broker himself made a mistake and wants the deal to fall through so he can avoid blame, I am not sure about this one, or is just overwhelmed by the case. My questions: Is there a goverment office helping homebuyers in a legal mess?

Here are some important guidelines you can use to avoid making a major mistake during the home buying process. If you plan on taking on a new mortgage payment (or any loan for that matter), it is.

In fact, for most 20-somethings, their first job out of college is just a stepping stone or a place holder until they can get some experience under their belts. Just because you don’t want to stay with the company forever, however, does not mean you shouldn’t invest in the company benefits.

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your life – and one of the largest sources of stress for many first-time buyers is the financing process. Unless you’ve done a ton of research, getting a mortgage can feel confusing or even a bit overwhelming.

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 · When you’re buying a home, a lot can go wrong. Your seller, the lender, the appraiser or your real estate agent could do something to inadvertently sabotage the purchase of your new home. And, yes, even you could make a mistake. Homebuyers make plenty of them. And in today’s homebuying market, where.

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