What’s next: Whether it’s a deliberate strategy or just Trump being Trump, it appears likely that racial division will be a major element of the 2020 presidential campaign. racial attacks are designed.

It’s all about Trump, and saying you like the media is a way to say you’re not on Team Trump. clare.malone : Indeed. Just wanted to cite this, so that readers know that this elephant never.

Democrats and their media allies are not just legitimizing hatred against President Trump and his supporters. They are fomenting it. Several days ago, a rabid progressive activist in California tried to kill Rudy Peters, a Republican House candidate challenging incumbent democratic rep. eric swalwell.

What the mainstream media. kinda support Trump. Obviously the election is a touchy subject for a lot of people. I don’t really support support Trump 100%. If you asked me Trump or Hillary with a.

The globalists control the mainstream media, they control Hollywood, they control our education system and they control most of our politicians. They thought that they were almost ready to move into the final stages of their agenda, but then Donald Trump happened. For the moment, the momentum toward a one world system has been stopped cold.

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Yes, And From The Very Start Of His Presidency, New Survey Shows. As far as the media are concerned, Trump never had a chance. Some 62% of the media coverage of Trump was negative, Pew found. For Obama it, was just 20%; for Bush, 28%; for Clinton, also 28%. In other words, the media from the get-go had decided Trump was a bad president – before any of his policies had a chance to take hold.

Media Stunned – President Trump Support Stronger Than Ever, and Growing. Posted on August 18, 2017 by sundance If you were to review how CNN and corporate mainstream media talk politics, well, according to their echo-chambered versions of President Trump, each week that passes is the worst week ever in presidential history.

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"Mainstream Media. hatred of our Country." In 2016, democrat hillary clinton carried Minnesota by less than two percentage points. Much of Trump’s criticism of Omar has focused on remarks she has.

After claiming he wasn’t happy that his supporters broke into a “send her. by the three Radical Left Congresswomen. -.