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Demand is a mystery that can only be measured once supply is provided, and at that point, it’s not demand anymore. You only know what demand you really had after its gone.

The milestone for the 23-year-old firm is so uncommon for India’s otherwise burgeoning startup ecosystem that, beyond being over-subscribed 36 times, pent up demand for IndiaMART. This will also.

 · A turnaround in the economy or a jump in fuel prices could cause a change in car buying habits. The supply of used cars is a little tighter than it has been in the past. Due to production cuts in those model years caused by the recession, there are fewer used cars hitting the market.

The 2017 travel forecast: reduced demand could result in vacation bargains. 05 Thursday Jan 2017.. Many Americans will choose to not go on a vacation in 2017, which means more deals for the savvy traveler.. "I’m expecting prices to go up as I plan the few trips I have in 2017.

uptick. In part driven by travel bargains and dramatically cheaper gasoline and in part a reflection of not wanting to miss out two years in a row, AAA and IHS Global Insight forecast that 32.4 million Americans will take to the road, air, or rails this Memorial Day. The 32.4 million travelers represent growth of 1.5% over last year’s 31.9 million

"A good number of people skipped the last iPhone cycle, so does that mean there’s some pent-up demand?" Year-to-date, Apple’s.

Here are seven surefire ways to help you release your pent-up anger in a way that will almost ensure that you live a life filled with happiness and love: #1 – Take a breather. When you feel your temper start to flare, you’re better off walking away and taking a breather versus.

Russ Roberts wonders about the meaning of "pent up" demand:. The usual way that Keynesians explain the post-[world war ii] expansion despite the huge cut in government spending is to say, well of course the economy boomed, there was a lot of pent-up demand.

Trump to formally launch 2020 campaign on June 18 in Orlando, Florida US President Donald Trump will launch his re-election campaign with a rally in Orlando, Florida. Source: AAP US President Donald Trump will formally launch his 2020 re-election campaign on 18 June.

Repressed or inhibited. Get a pent-up mug for your cat abdul.. 2