Many attorney state the banks are very disorganized, and overall the system and process is set up to be advantageous to homeowners who fight the filing. Some lenders and mortgage servicers can’t even find a copy of your loan documents. Or maybe the paperwork was not even properly signed. In any case, this adds time to the process.

SHOPPING SUPER MALL: June 2008 The end might finally be in sight for construction on the American Dream mega-mall in the Meadowlands. There have been countless delays in getting the project off the ground after it launched in.

Foreclosure is a legal proceeding taken against a mortgage borrower who stops making payments on their loan. Since the house that is purchased with a mortgage acts as collateral for the mortgage loan, it can be repossessed and sold by the lender should the borrower stop making payments.

Another Pinellas foreclosure auction fools bidders, raises questions Another Pinellas Foreclosure Auction Fools Bidders and Raises Questions. For the second time in six weeks, a company connected to the same lawyer stood poised to profit from a pinellas county foreclosure auction that confused even experienced real estate investors.

The mortgage is the document that pledges the property as security for the debt and permits a lender to foreclosure if you fail to make the monthly payments. The promissory note is the IOU that contains the promise to repay the loan. The purpose of the mortgage is to provide security for the loan that is evidenced by a promissory note.

Specifically, CBS MoneyWatch explained, Schneiderman claimed the banks failed to acknowledge receipt of loan modification applications within three business days, did not tell homeowners they were.

My Mortgage Company Can’t Find the loan documents. possibly this is a common issue these days, I am not sure but most of mortgage closing papers are missing. I never recived a copy of any papers after the closing in 2005. also at that time they cheated me and caused me an extra $500.00 per month payment at the last minute of the closing.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Reuters) – ohio attorney general richard cordray said on Tuesday he is plans to sue more mortgage companies. not being returned, documents going missing and servicers reneging on.

Foreclosure Foul-up: Tracking Down Those ‘Lost’ Mortgages. Douglas’ mortgage broker got him a loan from subprime lender fremont general, which before it went bankrupt in 2008, was based in Brea, California.. which runs the mortgage trust Douglas’ loan is in, but is not the document.

Unlike many borrowers seeking help, Lidonde wasn’t behind on his mortgage payments. But he was in danger of missing a payment after he lost. After he was handed his new loan documents Friday,