The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it is leading "Operation Loan Lies," an effort by 25 federal and state agencies to shut down firms that are deceptively marketing foreclosure.

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Many Florida homeowners facing foreclosure have become victims of foreclosure scams. The florida foreclosure rescue fraud prevention Act was passed to safeguard Florida families in foreclosure. Here is a summary of tactics that are illegal under the act and ways to identify and avoid foreclosure rescue scams.

Data from law enforcement and industry sources were compared and mapped to determine which states were most affected by mortgage fraud during 2007 and indicated that the top 10 mortgage fraud states.

That is often the sad case when it comes to foreclosure scams. You’re in the middle of a financial crisis and reach out to a company that claims it can “rescue. Beware of any third-party company.

Smith and Gulley still are sniffing out those cases in addition to Ponzi schemes involving property and bankruptcy fraud and foreclosure rescue scams mounting in. The FBI is targeting real estate.

A Tampa-based law firm selling a pricey foreclosure-rescue. mortgage amount. The North Palm Beach-based Hoffman Law Group was raided July 16 by the Florida attorney general and the Consumer.

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Although mortgage and deed fraud are among the most economically destructive crimes. Madoff’s London affiliate have gone to federal bankruptcy court in Florida to seize a vintage British sports car.

Loan modification scams are on the rise because many people do not understand the loan modification process and fail to consult with an experienced Florida loan modification attorney. Although there are a significant number of inappropriate practices and warning signs that can tip homeowners off to a scam.

Alongside familiar scams like property flipping, the crash has added new terms to the lexicon: short sale fraud, builder bailouts and flopping. Rescue scams. hotspots Florida, California, Arizona.

HUD new rule GOP-led efforts to tighten those tax rules have met with stiff resistance. Yet the administration argues the lengthy backlogs for housing assistance makes the new HUD proposal an obvious change. Only.

In an equity theft scam, the perpetrator will purchase a home that is in foreclosure or distressed / abandoned. The home is then sold to a senior citizen, who takes out a reverse mortgage after occupying the property for 60 days. Once the transaction is completed, the perpetrator will steal the proceeds of the loan.