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Face it, it’s not like you can change the locks on the side door. Once hacked, your Social Security number is out there indefinitely. beginning sept. 21, though, a new federal law will help consumers.

10. home is a major asset that you want covered in case of disaster. And if you rent, you likely have thousands of dollars.

You sign an offer letter to go and work for a new employer. You stop and get a nice gelato on the way home. Hurrah for you. is unlikely to resolve the issues that got you to start job-hunting in.

Buying a house with bad credit. as you shop for a home loan. Buying a house with cash. If you’ve got the funds to skip financing altogether and pay for your house with cash, you should have a.

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Getty Images; Bad credit? No credit? No problem-or so, many of those all-too-catchy loan ads promise. But while you might be able to finance a used car with less-th

If they refuse, you won’t get approved. If a legal judgment suddenly appears against you (and with today’s digital databases, it’s bound to pop up), you might well be rejected, even if it happens in another state. If you have not filed a tax return or owe taxes, you will most likely not make it out of underwriting either.

Thousands of dollars could be pulled from your checking account and, in many cases, you wouldn’t be nearly as protected as you would be with a stolen credit card. Don’t miss these 10 times.

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Once you’ve ensured your credit is ready to start the home loan process, you’ll typically begin by working with a loan officer at a bank or mortgage provider to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Your loan officer will help you understand the required documents you need during the mortgage process.