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Gay Chicago Cop and His Boyfriend Charged With Beating Up Another Gay Couple.. ours after the brutal beating of two men outside an Andersonville neighborhood nightclub, two friends of an off-duty Chicago police sergeant implicated him in the attack under questioning by a Chicago police detective.

A judge Tuesday afternoon set a stiff bond for recently retired Chicago Police Sgt. Eric J. Elkins, who faces felony charges after an altercation last fall outside a bar on the city’s North Side.

Former Chicago police sergeant eric elkins, left, and Giovanni Rodriguez both face multiple felony charges. (chicago police department) A former Chicago police sergeant is facing felony battery charges more than seven months after he and others allegedly beat several men outside a North Side gay bar in a brutal attack that left three victims hospitalized.

The Chicago Police Department played a major role in 1993’s The Fugitive, showing them in a semi-brutal fashion after Kimble is incorrectly believed to have killed an on-duty police officer. The use of actual Chicago police department vehicles and uniforms is.

A former chicago police officer charged with being part of a ring that falsely arrested and stole from drug dealers has detailed how the operation led to a plot to kill two colleagues, according to interview excerpts released on Friday.

An off-duty sergeant and suburban officer allegedly beat two men in. a group of strangers outside an Andersonville gay bar in September.. on the night of the attack, Elkins has not faced any criminal charges.. in the past despite allegations of sex crimes against teenagers and many citizen complaints.”.

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Two men, including a now-resigned Chicago police sergeant with a checkered past, have been charged in connection with beating three men after an argument at an Andersonville gay bar in September. Former cop eric elkins, 45, was charged Monday with two felony counts of aggravated battery causing great bodily harm.

CHICAGO (AP) – Although a judge said a beating of two men by a former Chicago police sergeant "shocks the conscience," the officer was allowed bail and can return to his Florida home.

Victim in attack outside bar relieved that ex-Chicago cop charged seven months later: ‘I still think about it every day’. over at Elkins in astonishment when prosecutors said he was a former Chicago police officer with a previous criminal history.. past under criminal investigation for.