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(AP) – Florida survives on tourism. across the U.S. as the nation’s addiction crisis accelerated from 2006 to 2012. The.

In January, when Romney met with a preselected group of struggling Florida homeowners. own is actually far less. If true, banks could face big losses. Other elements of Romney’s defense of the.

Foreclosure Crisis: A period of unusually high home foreclosure rates that caused high uncertainty in the housing market from 2008-2010. During the crisis, the number of foreclosures rose so high.

Florida remains one of the top states for foreclosures despite the rest of the nation reporting a steady recovery. According to foreclosure lawyer Dillon Legal, the future of real estate is not.

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Florida’s Foreclosure "Crisis" Is Over. Time For Careful Examination of Florida’s Constitutionally Underfunded Court System. On June 30, 2015, the money appropriated by the Florida Legislature to address the backlog of foreclosure cases in Florida will be depleted, the judicial and.

*** In Florida Beware of Rescue Mortgage Scams *** Loan modification scams are on the rise because many people do not understand the loan modification process and fail to consult with an experienced florida loan modification attorney. Although there are a significant number of inappropriate practices and warning signs that can tip homeowners off to a scam.

Despite what you may have heard, the foreclosure crisis is far from over, especially in Florida, which leads the nation, more than 300,000 cases still pending, another half-a-million homeowners.

If you think the torrent of foreclosures affecting every city and nearly every neighborhood and street in South Florida is as bad as it can get, here is a harsh new reality: There’s a new wave of.

For Some States, Foreclosure Crisis Is Far From Over. By. joe light.. the foreclosure inventory rate-loans that are in the process of being foreclosed-upon-is down to 2.39%, which is also a.

Foreclosure Rates Are The Highest In These 10 States And It Shows The Housing Crisis Is Far From Over Homeowners who play DIY lawyer usually lose their foreclosure cases and set bad legal precedence. Then blame mass government conspiracies for their loss. Foreclosure rates are on a downward trend on average throughout the United States.

Florida. completed foreclosure sums have been well above 100,000 since the crisis. In fact, the Tampa metro area, which has routinely been near the top of CoreLogic’s lists for metro areas with the.

Foreclosure Crisis Is Far From Over, Report Finds By Loren Berlin Five years in, the nation is less than halfway through its foreclosure crisis, the nonpartisan Center for Responsible Lending warned in a report released thursday.