This report covers accomplishments and activities in 2005 and early 2006. These include the annual examinations of Fannie Mae and Freddie mac and its conclusions, the building of OFHEO oversight capabilities, and legislative recommendations pursuant to the Federal Housing Enterprises Financial Safety and Soundness Act of 1992.

the attorney network programs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. However, FHFA did not schedule comprehensive examination coverage of foreclosure issues, including allegations of abuse by RAN law firms until after news stories about alleged abuses surfaced in August 2010. FHFA had not previously considered risks associated with foreclosure

Fannie Mae was warned in a 2006 internal report of abuses in the way lenders and their law firms handled foreclosures, long before regulators launched investigations into the mortgage industry’s.

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae knew of abuses by foreclosure mill law firms as early as 2003, but was slow to address the problem, according to an inspector general’s report. Fannie Mae. outside law.

Democrats were WARNED of Financial crisis and did NOTHING. denied there was any problem " Fannie Mac & Freddie Mare are not in Crisis". 5/25/2006 For years I have been concerned about the.

In the fourth critical report during the past month, the FHFA Office of Inspector General said the FHFA could have done more to correct multiple problems with the foreclosure. to verify whether.

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fannie mae/freddie mac home mortgage documents interpreted as nonrecourse debt (with poetic comments lifted from carl sandburg) john mixon* i. lawyers (but not home mortgage borrowers) know the difference between recourse and nonrecourse debt

(Editorial, "Hear, See And Speak No Evil About Fannie And Freddie," The Washington Times, 10/9/08). 2006. December 2006 · November 2006 · October 2006. (OFHEO) releases a report explaining that unexpected problems at a GSE.. June: As foreclosure rates continued to rise in the first quarter, the.

We were warned that as foreclosures increased, that Guideline changes would follow. So the new Fannie Mae Guidelines for Foreclosures, Short Sales, and Bankruptcies should not come as a surprise. Those that have tried to justify Strategic Defaults need to seriously rethink their position, because as these voluntary defaults increase the number of foreclosures, additional Guideline changes will.

Stern, March 2006 Amended Complaint Alleging Sexual Harassment. fearing that speaking publicly about their ex-boss could harm their careers. FORECLOSURE MILLS OWE their existence to Fannie Mae and.

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