Black Knight Preliminary Assessment Shows Over 3.1 Million Mortgaged Properties in Hurricane Irma Disaster Areas Representing $517 Billion in unpaid principal balances

Last week we reported a Black Knight Financial Services’ estimate that lenders had $705 billion in unpaid principal balances exposed to risk from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma which. rise in mortgage.

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Black Knight Preliminary Assessment Shows Over 3.1 Million Mortgaged Properties in Hurricane Irma Disaster Areas Representing $517 Billion in Unpaid Principal Balances

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Harvey losses as high as $190 Billion Irma up to $100 Billion To appreciate how staggering these figures are, consider that they could be enough to make the $18.57 trillion US economy lose a step, knocking between 0.6 percent and 0.8 percent off of US GDP growth this quarter, according to projections from investment banks.

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The report shows in disaster areas from Harvey and Irma combined, a total of $705 billion in unpaid principal balance was hit. in showing an uptick of 16% in mortgage delinquencies, and according.

A satellite image of Hurricane Irma virtually. says accounts for $15.3 billion of the $19.38 billion of at-risk CMBS in the state of Georgia. Among Florida metro areas, Orlando edges out Miami for.

– Total unpaid mortgage balances in Hurricane Harvey-related FEMA disaster areas: $179 billion – Total unpaid mortgage balances in Hurricane katrina-related fema disaster areas: $46 billion Black Knight will continue to monitor the longer-term impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on mortgage performance moving forward and will report as appropriate.

designated Irma disaster areas, representing approximately $517 billion in unpaid principal balances. In comparison, harvey-related disaster areas held 1.18 million properties – more than twice as.

Combining the preliminary estimates for both Harvey and Irma suggests that over 3.3 million total mortgaged properties are located in Irma and Harvey-related fema disaster zones, while the dollar amount of total unpaid mortgage balances in these two zones is massive: between Irma’s $517 billion and Harvey’s $179 billion, the total potential.

In dollar terms, this means that there is some $517 billion in unpaid principal balances in Irma-related disaster areas, nearly three times the amount as in those related to Harvey and more than 11 times of those connected to Katrina.

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