To an outsider like this columnist, Brexit has become boring beyond words. This slow-motion train crash, with politicians squabbling for control, is an entirely self-inflicted disaster with huge.

A slow-motion train wreck is still a train wreck. Whether it ever gets categorized as a "recession" by officials is immaterial. All throughout last year, it should be noted, the US jobs report remained elevated at least compared with 2017’s.

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In a word, what was a $20 trillion national debt when the Donald arrived in the White House is no longer.Now it’s barreling toward $40 trillion within the next decade. We have no ideas how much economic carnage that will cause, but we are quite sure it will not make America Great Again."

This is like a slow motion train wreck. Even Jill Biden is losing confidence in Sleepy Joe. Joe Biden accused Japan today of being.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. No one could have predicted that Kelly’s UCLA stint would look like a slow-motion train.

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This is like a slow motion train wreck. Even Jill Biden is losing confidence in Sleepy Joe. Joe Biden accused Japan today of being xenophobic and forcing women to work longer. Joe Biden: Japan is in a position where generally women are as well educated as men. The tradition was that once the woman had [.]

"And so, is Community in recovery mode or is this a slow-motion train wreck? It is hard to tell," wrote the physicians. "Debt costs can limit hiring, and it is ultimately the ability to replace.

Rep. McClintock grilled special counsel robert mueller on his several contradictory statements from his report to his testimony on Wednesday to Congress. McClintock pointed out that Mueller and his gang of angry Democrats cited the washington post 60 times, The New York Times 55 times and FOX News about 25 times.

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