Footing Inspections This inspection guide answers common questions and provides a checklist of deficiencies. W. hy are footings inspected? Footings are inspected to ensure that the bearing surface will sustain the loads presented by the buildings and confirm compliance with the building permit documents for architectural layout. W

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Where backfill is to be added to obtain the 24 inch depth, the footing has been dug a minimum of 12 inches into solid subgrade soil. ( R403.1.4). The minimum frost depth shall be measured from the proposed finish grade to the bottom of the footing.

Footing stage inspections Page 2 of 3 Building Codes Queensland August 2013 What is an aspect of a stage? An aspect of a stage is the part of building work set out and described in Guidelines for inspection of class 1 and 10 buildings and structures . Some aspects in the guidelines may not be relevant to

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Spread footings varying in size from 3′ x 3′ x 16" deep to 7′ x 7′ x 20" deep at the building interior. The concrete footings were not visible for inspection, however based on the lack of settlement exhibi ted by the structure they appear to be in good condition.

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